Walking Horse commissioner–or czar–needed

September 7, 2006

Tennessee Walking Horse championship

Horse owner: $10K offered to quit show – Nashville, Tennessee – Thursday, 09/07/06 – Tennessean.com

The Walking Horse industry has hit bottom. If you Google “walking horses” and “soring,” you get 60,000 hits. Walking horses are a wonderful part of Tennessee heritage–horses bred so that someone could ride all day and not get worn out in the saddle–but the “industry” that has grown up around them has proven itself incapable of solving this mess.

The governor should appoint a commission to look into how to save the Walking Horses from trainers and owners who will do anything to achieve “the big lick”, the characteristic high step of the Walking Horses. Horses should be inspected year round, not just at the Celebration, and certainly not just before the championship round.