Railroad excursions along the Hiwassee River

September 12, 2006

Excursion trains will soon begin rolling up the Hiwassee River. The 50-mile round-trip ride will take three hours and will run from October 7th through the month of November. The Hiwassee, northeast of Chattanooga, is beautiful anytime of year, but during the fall the trees will really put on a show., Rail buffs will enjoy the Great Hiwassee Loop, a spiral of rails that puts passengers 64 feet over track the train rolled on just a few minutes before.

Future plans include taking the train all the way to Copperhill, once brush is removed from the tracks. This excursion has long been a dream of Tennessee Overhill , one of Tennessee’s most prominent culture and heritage tourism organizations.

Click on the link below for ticket prices and schedules.

Hiwassee River Rails Adventures