Helicopter Museum opens in Pigeon Forge

September 14, 2006

The Halson Helicopter Museum joins the Tennessee Museum of Aviation as another stop for aircraft fans vacationing near the Smokies.

According to a story in the Mountain Press, the museum “is not quite ready for the public,” so admission prices are at a discount until all the exhibits are in place. The Museum web site, http://www.helimuseum.com/, appears to be under construction as well.

Scenic Helicopters, which offers tours of the Great Smokies National Park, is one of several helicopter concessions offering to take tourists aloft. While I’m sure that the flights are fun, I can remember when there were so many of them that the Parkway seemed like a scene from Apocalypse Now.

The Mountain Press

More on Rev. Mull

September 14, 2006

On hearing that the Rev. J. Bazzel Mull had died, I sent Jack Neely, writer of the “Secret History” column in Knoxville’s Metro Pulse, a copy of The New York Times piece I wrote on Mull years ago.

Jack wrote a nice piece on Mull, containing these lines: “But maybe most memorably of all, no man has ever made more of the
simple and reasonable gesture of soliciting his wife’s assent.”

Jack is referring to the “Ain’t that right, Lady Mull?” question that punctuated their radio and television shows.

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