Riding the Music City Star in Nashville

The Music City Star, the first commuter train in Tennessee, begins service tomorrow. This $40 million transit experiment will run from Lebanon to Riverfront Park in Nashville, stopping in Martha, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Donelson along the way.

The Lebanon leg is the first of a proposed seven rail lines that will radiate out from Music City, and mass transit officials, not to mention train buffs, hope it succeeds.

For visitors to Nashville who would like to get out to places like Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage or other attractions without using a car, the train does not offer much. Right now its schedule accomodates only commuters, with the last outbound train in the morning at 8:30 AM and the first inbound one at 3:20 PM.

The train is a start, however, so let’s hope it is a big success and that the number and frequency of trains increases.

A lot rides on kickoff of Music City Star – Nashville, Tennessee – Sunday, 09/17/06 – Tennessean.com

One Response to Riding the Music City Star in Nashville

  1. rachael says:

    i love that lawn!

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