The Savannas of Tennessee

September 18, 2006

Morgan Simmons of the Knoxville News Sentinel delivers a great article today about a 900-acre grassland in the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area. “Grassland” is a term not usually associated with Tennessee. Pioneers found grassy places they called “barrens” or, in the Smoky Mountains, “balds,” but these areas are anything but barren.

Native wild grasses thrive here and choke out trees, which can only succeed by moving in from the perimeters. Grasslands support deer and elk and, in Tennessee’s past, bision.

To get to the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, go north of I-40 on Hwy 298 from Crossville. Here is a useful overview of the Area: Sherpa Guides | Tennessee | The Tennessee Mountains | Upper Cumberland Plateau | Catoosa Wildlife Management Area

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