Governor Announces State Park Plans

October 18, 2006

Governor Phil Bredesen said today that he would like to build a new state park in Middle Tennessee, a rustic park lodge in the Ocoee area, and renovations for Reelfoot Lake and Pickwick Landing State Parks in the western part of the state.

The Middle Tennessee park would be somewhere south of Nashville. This is an excellent idea, for this area contains one of the nation’s best collection of antebellum mansions, much Civil War history, and plenty of natural beauty. The park cannot come to soon, for the Franklin and Maury County areas are growing rapidly.

East Tennessee has not seen many of the hotels/lodges that grace parks in Middle and West Tennessee, and the Ocoee River area would be a great location. “I believe a state parks lodge would enhance the exciting things
already taking place in this region and continue to boost the tourism
industry in southeast Tennessee,” Bredesen said. “This lodge could also
serve as a model for the development of future park inns and lodges
that are designed to take their inspiration from natural landscapes.”

As for West Tennessee, according the to governor’s website, “Bredesen has set a focus on Pickwick Landing
Reelfoot Lake State Parks. At Pickwick Landing, Bredesen plans to raze
an old and unused inn, whose attractiveness and safety has declined
over the years, replacing it with cabins designed to fit into the
natural landscape. At Reelfoot Lake, Bredesen plans to refurbish the
boardwalk and inn rooms located over the water for the future enjoyment
of Tennesseans.”

Phil Bredesen Governor, State of Tennessee

Governor wants to create new park in Midstate – Nashville, Tennessee – Wednesday, 10/18/06 –