Tennessee Sweet Potato Pumpkin

A piece in today’s op-ed section of The New York Times discusses how far the noble pumpkin has fallen as a source of good food. Seems that the ones for sale today are destined to become jack-o-lanterns, and, when cooked, taste about as good as their plastic counterparts.

The article spoke highly of Tennessee Sweet Potato Pumpkins, so I visited the website of The New Hope Seed Company, which sells 25 seeds for this variety of heirloom pumpkin for a mere $2.50.

New Hope also sells seeds for beans, cantaloupes, cow peas, and peppers, and offers six web pages of of tobacco seeds, with interesting names such as Connecticut Broadleaf, Frog Eye Orinoco, and Florida Sumatra.

The Company is located in Bon Aqua, but is not set up for retail operations–they don’t even list a phone number–so you have to deal with them by mail or on line. Bon Aqua is also home to Gusset Clothing Company ,which sells one of the few jeans still made in America.

Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non-Hybrid Pumpkin Seeds from New Hope Seed Company


One Response to Tennessee Sweet Potato Pumpkin

  1. Patsy says:

    I was born in Tenn., didn’t know about the sweetpotatopumbkin
    until today and my neighbor showed me one. A friend of his has
    a farm here in WVA and he grows them. My neigbor asked me
    to find out some information for him. Thanks for the article.
    Didn’t know about the brand of jeans mentioned – thanks.

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