Cocke County Confidential

Cocke County, the rooster fightin’, corn squeezin’ capital of Tennessee, was featured, if one can call it that, in the Los Angeles Times. The article is reprinted today in the News-Sentinel.

I had one of my weirder Tennessee restaurant experiences in Cocke County years ago at a culinary center called The Grease Rack. The parking lot was full of cars, but when I tried to open the restaurant door, it was locked. I rang the bell, and someone peered out a peephole, then opened the door. My younger son was with me, and we stepped into a bar where, it seemed, all conversation stopped as everyone looked us over.

Apparently passing the test, we were invited back into the capacious restaurant, where we enjoyed a good, down home meal. Why the peephole? As the waitress explained, “Well, sometimes there’s people out there that we don’t want in here.”

Every good eatery has its standards, I suppose.

KnoxNews: Local

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