Holy Ghosts

A 189-year-old apparition known as the Bell Witch poses no threat to the Christian beliefs of residents of Adams, where “Kate” has bedeviled residents and ghostbusting visitors, most famously Andrew Jackson, since 1817.

The Tennessean constructs a Halloween story around a Baylor University study that revealed some Christians possess a combination of faith coupled with a belief in haunted houses. In the South, according to the article, fewer people believe in most paranormal phenomena–astrology, Bigfoot, Ouija boards, and the like–than the rest of the country.  Southerners do, however, believe that houses can be haunted by ghosts or demons. According to the article, 23 percent of Southerners say they have visited or lived in a place that is haunted. 

Locals in Springfield and Robertson Counties stress that the presence of a ghost fits in with their Biblical beliefs–the Bible has several accounts of demons.  And besides, Kate–whether you believe in her or not–is great for tourism.

Baylor University || Institute for Studies of Religion || BSR-Baylor Surveys of Religion

Christians can believe in Bell Witch, town says – Nashville, Tennessee – Tuesday, 10/31/06 – Tennessean.com

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