All Shook Up over Elvis Relics

Of all the efforts to make money from the King, the most disgusting involve items owned by the late Dr. George Nichopolous, aka “Dr. Nick,” whose prescriptions enabled Elvis to obtain the thousands of pills that no doubt played a huge role in his untimely death. 

Dr. Nick apparently kept the jewelry, guns, and other items that Elvis gave him as well as various medical apparatuses the physician used to treat his most famous patient.  These items, according to an AP story in today’s Commercial Appeal,  now occupy three semi-trailers sitting in a Nevada warehouse and are the subject of a court battle in Delaware as to their ownership.

There are plenty of people who will pay to see the guns and jewelry and personal items, but the medical ones, among them a laryngeal scope used to examine Presley’s throat, and a glass nasal douche for his nose, should be thrown away–please.

According to the article, “The collection also includes a desk at which Elvis conducted business
from his Graceland mansion and regularly got his hair cut. ‘Some of
Elvis’ hair remains in the fibers of the chair,’ the inventory states.”

At a time when Catholic groups seek to stop the sale of relics on eBay, I wish someone could make sure that eBay doesn’t soon feature cut up pieces of upholstery alleged to contain actual hairs from the one true head of the King. 

Memphis Commercial Appeal – Memphis’ Source for News and Information: Local


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