Rival scholars claim new site for Sgt. York heroics

December 9, 2006

An article in today’s Tennessean states that a professor from Tennessee Tech and another from Middle Tennessee State University have found the site of Sgt. York’s World War I heroic actions that led to his lifelong fame.

Tennessee Tech issued a press release back in March of 2006 claiming that “TTU’s Michael Birdwell and MTSU’s Tom Nolan think they have the artifacts to prove it — including 12 of 15 rounds from a Lee Enfield Model 17 rifle believed to have been fired by the Tennessee war hero when his marksmanship killed 25 German enemy troops and helped him capture 132 more in the 1918 battle of Meuse-Argonne.” The pair went back to France in November, and came home with what they claim is conclusive proof that theirs is the one true site.

Yesterday, Middle Tennessee State issued its own release announcing that the professorial pair had spent two weeks tramping over the battlefield and recovered more than 1,400 artifacts.

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