Black Snake Moan: second in a Tennessee trilogy

An article article in today’s New York Times discusses the impending release of Black Snake Moan, the film starring Samuel L. Jackson. Writer Mark Olsen compares the working relationship between director Craig Brewster and Scott Bomar to that of Italian director Frederico Fellini and his composer, Nina Rota.

Brewster and Bomar previously created Hustle and Flow, which won an Oscar for “It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp.” Both, according the the article, live in Memphis.

The piece concludes with these two paragraphs:

“For Mr. Brewer ‘Black Snake Moan’ is another step in the overall project he hopes to bring to fruition.

“’I’m trying to do a music series for my state,’ he said. ‘It sort of starts from the music and begins to inspire me with images and stories. I really wanted ‘Hustle & Flow’ to be the rap movie. I tried to write a story that would use it as a soundtrack and capture what I felt was the essence of hip-hop in Memphis. Now I’m doing blues. My next one is outlaw country.'”

Wonder where it will be filmed?

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