No endangered rivers in Tennessee

April 18, 2007

As regular readers of this blog know, I focus on various lists to see how Tennessee gets ranked in various categories–many of them not so favorably, alas. Today, however, I am happy to report that when American Rivers, an advocacy group for clean water, released its 2007 list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers, no Tennessee waterway was on that list.

This is good news. The last time a Tennessee river appeared on the list was 2004, when the Tennessee River was listed as the fourth most endangered river in the country. The report from that year gave some interesting facts about the river that shares its names with the state:

“The Tennessee River watershed is one of the most biologically diverse river systems in North America. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Tennessee River and its tributaries are home to 125 species of freshwater mussels, 96 species of snails, and an astonishing 319 species of fish — including the legendary snail darter.”

The photo below is of the Holston River flowing past my grandparent’s farm in Kingsport