Rolling Stone at 40

I grew up with Rolling Stone. I was 15 years old when it hit the streets, and I subscribed as soon as I could. I would come home from high school to find my mother fuming about “that trashy magazine” that had arrived in the mail that day.

Rolling Stone has come out with a wonderful 40th issue, which includes interviews with people ranging from Jimmy Carter to Tom Wolfe as well as a list of “40 Songs that Changed the World.” First on that list is Elvis’s “That’s All Right.” Toward the back of the magazine, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards weigh in on the effect of the King on their music.

From Jagger: “The Elvis period was super-rebellious. Because that kid of music was much more shocking than the music of the Beatles–the early Beatles. . . .The wild men–Elvis, Jerry Lee–they were much more scary.”

From Keith, upon being asked what was the first rock & roll record you heard?: “The one memory that sticks out immediately is hearing “Heartbreak Hotel” one night on Radio Luxembourg. It was hard to get the signal, so you’d be walking around the room with the radio, going , ‘Oh, no, it’s fading!’ But it was like the world went technicolor.”


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