Creation Museum opens: Thank God for Kentucky!

The Creation Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time today, attracting a great deal of media attention. Everyone who cares about Tennessee’s national image should mark this opening by bowing down and say “Thank God for Kentucky!”

We used to say “Thank God for Mississippi,” for so many times the Magnolia State kept Tennessee off the bottom of the list of the 50 states in dollars spent on public education or items along that line. Now Kentucky has caused us to dodge a bullet, for is the unfortunate site of the Creation Museum, an embarassment that is at once an affront to science and an insult to intelligence.

I know that a state has no control over what sort of institutions choose to set up shop there, and Tennessee already has enough eye rollers, thank you very much, but we certainly didn’t need this one. We’re still living down the Scopes Trial. Having a place like the Creation Museum or Bob Jones University (which was founded in Cleveland, Tennessee but mercifully slunk off to South Carolina) has a bad effect on how a state is perceived by the rest of the country.

Having this Creation Temple of Disinformation in one’s borders lowers the stock of high school graduates, reduces the influence of that state’s colleges, and makes Kentucky the fodder for comedians everywhere. Thank goodness it wasn’t Tennessee!


11 Responses to Creation Museum opens: Thank God for Kentucky!

  1. Jere says:

    I know you might think it funny that creation is believed by many but if you would actually stop and look at the proof, you might be surprised. I was. I thought that evolutionist actually had proof behind their claims until I studied and found that everything they teach is unfounded in proof all together. It is funny, however, that to believe in evolution you have to simply have faith in the scientists. Sounds more like religion than science to me. By the way, might I ask your education level?

    • zion richardson says:

      Jer! I agree and as a science oriented person, intent on teaching that failed and unprovable THEORY! It was Hard for me to look at it without the same slant the author of this piece of work.
      However, I studied I investigated. I tried to tear it apart and disprove the creation Theory. I tried to accept upon FAITH this Theory and reailzed I didn’t have enough faith to believe what Darwin himself said you fall apart “IF no Transition Fossils were ever found.” None were. even with a quarter million dollar reward for even ONE!
      Also secular science teaches and I quote. “It is held today that NOTHING caused NOTHING to Explode into everything that exist”. I dont believe we should abandon the first and second Law of Thermo Dynamics (or any other PROVEN LAW ) to accomodate an Unprovable Theory. Regardless of how much One wants to Believe On Faith the theory a misguided Faith In Evolution would Propose”,to the unenlighted!
      Lets get back to Netonian Science and accept The Law of Cause and effect! More over, the Known Laws of Physics Shows us. ” Left to its own nothing Evolves but Devolves. Ie.. Left to its on whatever the subject is it WILL…Rusts, Die,, Fail, Fall apart etc.”
      One should rember this from their Basic Scienc Class or at least One would Hope this be the case for our Professors and Teachers entrusted to teach The Proven facts to our Children. To have enough faith to believe regurgated Theory like this I simply Do not have! I’am Shocked at how many folks will repeat such Trash. Shame on your choice to remain Ignorance. Stupidity Is acceptable. Ignorance is simply not knowing ( yet) but Capable of learning. So Indeed,, Thanks to Those Simple Ky folks intent on remaining Ignorant. No mater how Stupid THAT Life choice may seem to me.This Is Still America and one may CHOOSE to believe what one will. A pity their desire for knowledge has been corrupted to the extent of teaching Lies to our children in complete disregard to the LAW that states We Will Teach TRUE Science to our next generation. God help us all.

  2. tennesseeguy says:

    Bachelor of Science in Communications, University of Tennessee.

  3. Desjay says:

    Jere said “I studied and found that everything they teach is unfounded in proof all together.”

    Right….and what “Proof” do you have about your religion?

    There are Hundreds if not thousands of papers on Evolution, including hundreds if not thousands of fossils including fossils that bridge the gap between the changes in a species.

    All this museum does is teach children how to remain stupid.

    It’s Science that got you the computer you’re using, the Internet you’re using, the car you Drive etc, Science moves mankind forward. Religion keeps us in the dark.

    • zion richardson says:

      That would be funny but I think You Are serious. Wow!
      Why do I have such a hard time taking someone in a seious way when They Actually think ( shrug) the fossil record has even One transition. The number of pages in print mean nothing as to factual proveable Science. Look Up ” Polystrate Fossile and mabe bring a dring to was the crow down with, Attacking religon is a poor argument. There Is No Proof for Either. We both have to accept on Faith. Do you really believe ( Faith again eh?) A tree can be fossilized AND fOUND IN Coal then lIME STONE THEN COAL ( AGAIN) .. imbeded through MANY MILLIONS oF YEARS OF ROCK STRATA ( SUPPOSEDLY) with the Roots at the top Is a Fact? Is that tree ( reed actually) Really Millions of old? I laugh ! Oh , for the record. there a THOUSANDS of those reeds Polystrate fossils have been discovered. Oh, And the rock strata that bends in 90 degree bends and abrupt angles? I suppose you find that to be an easy thing to do with rock. Myself I BELIEVE it’s easier to ben Soft stuff than Rack solid rock.. Say…. Mud for example. By the way… Im Not Religous. I am With faith and Spiritual. Christ didnt die so we could Invent Religon. Peace…

      • zion richardson says:

        Sorry about the unattatched sentance after Polystrate fossils> Thought I corrected that before I posted but in a hurry. If you cant figger it out I think it’s par for the course. Just saying.

  4. BelieveIt says:

    I also studied a great deal of evolution in my education. I am finishing up graduate school now. I am an RN and have had plenty of “science” taught to me over the years of my education. All in all, the evidence for creation is much higher than that of evolution and anyone who thinks evolution is not a religion is not very intelligent themselves. I ask that before becoming offensive or opinionated regarding the religious ties creation has, please also remember that the computer you are using right now was “created” by a masterful designer. I am pretty sure you don’t believe a big BANG made your computer start working in all it’s intricasies. The human body is so much more intricate that our most complicated piece of machinery. Do you believe that?
    And by the way, creationists believe that adaptation occurs over time. You may be referring to this theory when talking about fossils. I absolutely believe in dinosaurs. Seeing is believing. I get that! I believe we all have a common creator therefore many of the bone similarities found between land and sea mammals can be rationalized by the presence of a common designer. The Dyson vaccum guy has a unique design for his vacuum cleaners but he makes more than one variation. Dogs come in all breeds, shapes and sizes, but they are still dogs. I am a human and my ancestors did not wash off of some rock into the sea and grow a tail and start swimming around. My ancestor was not a monkey either. My ancestors were Adam and Eve; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and my Savior is Jesus Christ:)I’m just sayin’!

  5. BelieveIt says:

    And by the way, I am going to the Creation Museum this weekend! I can’t wait!

  6. Woody Forest says:

    What I would like to know: What do they make of carbon dating? Where do they shop around for instructors and experts with so little professional integrity that they will compromise or deny the physical evidence to compliment the fallacious arguments advanced for creationism?

  7. Lynne Leverette says:

    If you do your research you can find info that explains that carbon dating is actually not accurate in the type of rocks where fossils are found. Using carbon dating, scientists have tested relatively modern items (such as a cowboy boot) and found them to supposedly millions of years old. Scientists have proven that it does not take as long as they once believed for remains or man made objects to fossilize. You won’t find this info in a typical textbook, but if you do your research, the information is out there and is backed up by proven evidence. Also, check into the original lunar landing module. It was built with those really long legs because scientists thought that was how deep the dust on the surface of the moon would be. They know that the dust accumulates at a certain rate per year. Based on the incorrect belief that the earth was millions of years old, they thought the dust would be many feet thick. However, when it landed it was discovered that the lunar dust was only a few inches thick. When they did the calculations, it turned out to show an earth age of only about 6,000 years. There were atheist scientists who changed their belief in evolution vs. creation after that. Sadly, most chose to cling to a theory that could never be proven because it simply is not true. The fossils that were supposedly the missing link were later proven to be fakes. They were actually trying to pass off bones of modern animals as prehistoric. Read the book called Refuting Evolution.

  8. Mark Ferry says:

    Being from Kentucky, I can tell you that this monument to self-imposed ignorance is quite the embarrassment for many of us here. Why couldn’t they go to Ohio??

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