American Bandstand comes to Pigeon Forge

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand is the latest attraction attempting to draw a crowd to the ever-changing Pigeon Forge theatrical scene. Based on a similar effort in Branson, Missouri–Pigeon Forge’s twin city–the plan here is to bring in oldie groups such as Herman’s Hermits, Eric Burdon and the Animals, the Doobie Brothers, and Chubby Checker into a 3,900-seat outdoor venue. Ticket prices range from $50 down to $20 plus the considerable Pigeon Forge sales tax.

OK, rock and roll trivia fans, who is this star? Answer after the jump.


The idle mind wonders what riders these long-faded groups have in their contracts of today. No more “no brown M&Ms” a la Van Halen. From the ages of some of these characters, and the fact that they have been ridden hard and put up wet many times , I’d recommend that the theater have a defibrillator onstage and an ambulance idling out back.

The man in the photo is none other than Eric Burdon of the Animals, whose big hits included “The House of the Rising Sun,” “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” “Bring It On Home to Me,” and “We Gotta Get Out of this Place.”

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