Summertime and Seersucker

Reader Roby Cogswell suggested I take a look at a new online publication called The Daily Yonder, which begins with this very good premise: “55 million people live in the rural U.S. ­ Maybe you’re one of them, or used to be, or want to be. As mainstream TV and newspapers retreat from small towns, the Daily Yonder is coming on strong.”

While most of their piece are political, one article on seersucker caught my eye. I once owned a three-piece seersucker–old joke: Sears sold it, and you’re the sucker who bought it–suit that I wore with a straw hat at a Harvard commencement. The only things missing were a cane and a mint julep. Below is a photo of Gregory Peck wearing his seersucker suit in To Kill a Mockingbird.


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One Response to Summertime and Seersucker

  1. Julie says:

    Dear Jeff,

    So glad Roby turned you onto the Yonder and you liked the seersucker piece. Drop back by when you can.


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