Back to Tennessee

When Travelocity pinged me and said I could fly to Tri-Cities airport for $155, I jumped at the bait. Fees and taxes brought the total cost to $198, but that’s the cheapest I’ve ever traveled to the old haunts. The bad news was that I had to fly out of Denver International at the ungodly hour of 5:30 AM, which meant that I had to get up at 3:00.

I flew Northwest Airlines to Memphis, where the other shoe dropped: the second leg of the trip was on a prop plane so loud the flight attendant wore ear plugs. It got me to Kingsport, however, where the first order of business was to eat lunch at Pal’s, home of wonderful hotdogs.


Then the folks and I took off, driving 59 miles down I-81 and onto I-40 headed west. Our destination was the The Garden Inn in Monterey, just east of Cookeville and a mere 202 miles from Kingsport. The modern building feels more like a corporate retreat than a B & B, but it was a comfortable place to spend the night.

The Inn lies at the dead end of a road just off I-40. The building backs up to a sheer cliff that drops off a couple of hundred feet or so. A short walk leads to Bee Rock, pictured below.


This blog is part of a much larger website, also entitled Tennessee Guy, that contains travel and cultural information about Tennessee. Visit it here.

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