Dreaming of farming in Tennessee? Dream on.

There’s an old joke that begins “Do you know how to make a million dollars farming?”

The answer is “Start with two million.”

Daily Yonder, an excellent new website focusing on rural America, has a post today on the costs of farming. Richard Oswald walks through the numbers of raising corn, which many farmers in Tennessee do, and the depressingly few dollars that result from what can seem like a good harvest. He ends his piece by saying:

“If you made it through all these figures, it’s easy to see why we need Federal programs designed to help young families stay on the farm. Many farm parents assist their children as best they can, but more and more, the sheer cost of farming is forcing parents to advise their children to look elsewhere for opportunity.”

Visitors and residents of Tennessee both benefit from a healthy agricultural community. We need locally produced food, and farmers tend to be good stewards of the land. At a time when our country gives the wealthiest citizens massive tax credits, we need to remember those who are closest to the soil on which we all depend.


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