‘Just As I Am’: nudist Christians convene in Tennessee

The Nashville Scene, Music City’s alternative newspaper, has a wonderful cover story this week about the Christian Nudist Convocation, which held its semi-annual meeting at Cherokee Lodge outside of Crossville.

Lord, you just can’t make this stuff up.


Writer Elizabeth Ulrich must have packed lightly for this assignment, but she covers the subject well. Here’s her description of the sermon: “Pete delivers. He starts his sermon so hard and loud, it’s frightening. Soon he’s howling, ‘You don’t have to be afraid of God anymore!’ And you’re afraid. He rants in dramatized near-delirium about ‘Jeee-zus!’ and his ‘guh-lory.’ Before long, you’re begging him to breathe, and he does sporadically, with the deep grasping breaths of a swimmer emerging from the water.”

No mention is made in the piece of the denomination or church of the worshippers. From a look at the photos, however, it looks like they belong to the First Church of Gravity.

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