Just in time for Death Week, the animatronic Elvis

For the Elvis fan who has everything, here’s one more must-have item: a life-size bust of The King that can sing, make comments, and blink his eyes. The company behind this technological delight, Wowwee Alive, first produced the head of a chimp, but now the product line has evolved.

Elvis comes alive–at least from the neck up–according to the company web page, recounting 37 monologues about his life and singing eight of his best loved songs, including:

That’s All Right
Hound Dog
Heartbreak Hotel
Love Me Tender
Jailhouse Rock
Blue Suede Shoes
Baby What You Want Me To Do

That last song may portend the future, if and when the company ever releases the full body model. The cost for the bust will be around $300.


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2 Responses to Just in time for Death Week, the animatronic Elvis

  1. Wow what a flattering image they’ve created. Here folks, is the sex symbol who made girls everywhere swoon. What a hunk of burning love.

  2. JThunders says:

    The bust looks more like Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music.

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