Battle of Knoxville exhibit opens at McClung Museum

August 6, 2007

As Civil War battles go, the Battle of Knoxville wasn’t one of the big ones, but, not counting clashes in Chattanooga, it was the largest one in East Tennessee. The McClung Museum on the University of Tennessee campus is about to open a new permanent exhibit on what is known locally as the Battle of Fort Sanders.


Photo courtesy of McClung Museum

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Stay with the world’s tallest horse

August 6, 2007

Several bed and breakfast places in Tennessee will let you bring your horse, but few have an offer like the Springbrook Inn in Niota: your horse can stay on the same farm as the tallest horse in the world.

Tina–her full name is Jensons Diplomat Tina–was certified as the World’s Tallest Horse on July 28th. The height of horses is measured in hands, and Tina measures 20 hands tall at the withers. That’s six feet, nine inches tall at the shoulders to us non-equestrian folks. She weighs 1,600 pounds, and at three years of age,  has not reached her full growth yet. Tina is an English shire horse, a breed first brought to England by William the Conqueror.

And the B & B? It offers three bedrooms for $100 per night each. For people who just want to see Tina, she is on display to the general public on the first Saturday of each month from noon until 2:00 PM. The cost is $5 per carload. To get to the Inn, go to I-75 Exit 56 (Niota). Drive east on Route 309. At the intersection of Highway 11, bear to the right. Right on Burn Road and the second driveway on the right will be Springbrook Inn.

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