Elvis on American Idol

I’ve never been a fan of American Idol, except when Boulder local boy Ace Young came in seventh back in 2006. I have to admit, however, that I was blown away when I saw the American Idol Elvis/Celine Dion duet on Youtube. You can–until they yank it–see it here:

And, for the techie crowd, here’s how the producers made that happen.

For me, the interesting aspect of the video is watching Elvis Presley Enterprises embrace new technology to keep the King alive. In 2002, Junkie XL remixed “A Little Less Conversation,” an obscure Elvis song from the 1968 movie, Live a Little, Love a Little, and the new version hit Number One in over 20 countries.

As fans of the King age, and as Elvis Presley Enterprises reworks Graceland to keep the turnstiles spinning, the challenge remains how to convey the excitement of an Elvis concert to the YouTube generation. Doing duets with current stars is one option, but what I’d really love to see is some way of capturing the early 1950s Elvis–before the jumpsuits and all that.

I don’t know how one can put Elvis back on the stage, for I don’t think anyone ever really captured those early days on film, but I’m sure the same people who can make Harry Potter fly through the air can make it happen. I hope they are working on it.

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