New Southern magazine: Garden & Gun

No, this is not a parody from The Onion. The newest magazine about the South is Garden & Gun: 21st Century Southern America. I learned about this new periodical from an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel, which announces that “The magazine would walk the delicate balance between conservation and hunting.” Think Ted Nugent meets the Audubon Society.


From the News-Sentinel: “Garden & Gun will attract men and women who live an adventure bound, art loving, skeet shooting lifestyle and who have a love affair with the South.” And this: “The cover of the magazine’s debut issue this spring featured a barefoot Pat Conroy standing in a garden pond.”

I’ve been to parties like that.

More from the News Sentinel: “Editor-in-chief John Wilson wrote about visiting Cuba in search of Ernest Hemingway’s legacy. His opening note in the inaugural issue said the magazine’s vision was ‘to weave together the colors and flavors of the land and people from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Coast, and from the line of the Virginia south to Venezuela.'”

“The line of the Virginia?” From what I’ve seen of some upper class Southerners, a more appropriate piece might be “the lines of Venezuela; cocaine among the connoisseurs.”

Here are some further article suggestions for Gun & Garden:

  • Shoot ’em from the deck: bird feeders that will bring game fowl within range of your back yard
  • 22s or shotguns? Solving your squirrel problem with style
  • From Jack Daniels to Jack-in-the-Pulpit: buying single barrel whiskey then making a garden planter
  • Protect your rural mailbox: the top ten booby traps for bat-wielding teenagers
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