Mountain Dew chronicled in new book

An article in Sunday’s Knoxville News Sentinel discusses a new book on the story of Mountain Dew. This carbonated beverage, famous today as a high energy concoction aimed at young people, was created in Knoxville as a Seven-Up sort of mixer and first bottled for the public in Johnson City in 1954. The author of the book is Dick Bridgforth, whose father marketed Mountain Dew as the manager of Tri-Cities Beverage in the 1950s.

As seen on this old bottle below, in those days the marketing was a stereotypical barefoot hillbilly complete with rifle and hound dog. Persons of a certain age who grew up in East Tennessee can remember radio and TV ads in which someone shouted out “Ya-hoo! Mountain Dew!” In 1966 the formula was sold to Pepsi, which nixed the hick image and has sold the drink ever since.



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2 Responses to Mountain Dew chronicled in new book

  1. susan says:

    I have an empty mountain dew bottle with the hillbilly and hound dog.. just curious on what the worth of it would be..

  2. wondering how much its worth

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