Roger Brashears: keeper of the Jack Daniel’s fame

While in Chattanooga, I touched base with Roger Brashears, the head of public relations at the Jack Daniel’s distillery. He has worked for the distillery since 1963–Mr. Jack was only there for 29 years–and fits perfectly with the down-home image so carefully tended by Brown-Forman, the corporate owners since 1956.


Roger, operating out of an office that looks like a paper recycling center, has to have one of the most fun jobs in the world, showing folks around Jack Daniels and pulling the legs of visiting writers. Here are some vintage Brashearisms:

  • Question: How many people work at the distillery? Answer: “About half of them.”
  • Question: Have things changed here? Answer: “No. We ain’t gonna kick a pulling mule.”
  • On relating that the young Jack Daniel came to live with Rev. Call, a Lutheran minister who made whiskey: “I guess you could say Call was Lynchburg’s leading spiritual advisor.”
  • On barbecue: “We got some good old boys down here who make barbecue so good, it’ll make your tongue jump out your mouth and slap your eyebrows.”

3 Responses to Roger Brashears: keeper of the Jack Daniel’s fame

  1. Don Faber says:

    Great story on Roger Brashears- I took a picture of his desk (and the boardroom table where he was commandeering as well) in October of 1989, if you are interested in having a copy. Let me know.

    Don Faber

  2. Bubba Spencer says:

    I have a print by Dwayne Warwick which came from the Roger Brashears private collection and was wondering if you could give me some insight on the print.

  3. tennesseeguy says:

    Alas, what I know about art could be put into a Jack Daniels shot glass with plenty of room left for Tennessee sippin’ whiskey.

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