Florida sinks–Tennessee rises

The Wall Street Journal has an article that describes how retirees now prefer other states, including Tennessee, over the Sunshine State. The same qualities that attract tourists–controlled growth, pretty towns, parks and bike trails–will lure these out-of-staters who come to town with money to spend.

One Response to Florida sinks–Tennessee rises

  1. JW says:

    Great information. As a local business owner in the Smoky Mountain area, I see a major shift in the way things are moving in our industry.

    The market has gotten flooded in the past five years with cheap “knock-offs” toted as luxury cabins. This seems to be the buzz word, “luxury”. However, as many visitors have come to realize (upon arriving a their cabin), there’s nothing there to validate the use for such a term.

    To many, luxury translates to;
    – Going beyond what is expected
    – Cleanliness that is WITHOUT compromise
    – Furnishings that are in abundance and NOT lacking

    In a nutshell, a sense of feeling pampered. Unfortunately, many of the companies are just missing the mark in their never-ending pursuit of their “cut” of a property owners rents.

    Going beyond a simple mopping, changing the bed and pulling the door “to”, is a stretch, to say the least. I certainly don’t propose to be the expert in what will clearly define the best cabin rental experience but I can say this, unless the managment company gets close and strives to trump their performance (every day) with regards to cleaning practices and giving the proper dynamics to those who rent the cabins (Visitors), you can rest assured, your investment cabin will be more of a dudd and cash “drain”.

    TheCabinKeeper.com (http://www.thecabinkeeper.com) is carving out a huge share of an untapped market; True Luxury Cabins.

    With cleaning standards that rival a five star resort, perks and luxurious thoughtful extras like gourmet chocolates, select ground coffee, fresh-cut flowers and a “Guaranteed Bless” guarantee that says, “if you’re not absoluetly thrilled with your cabin upon arrival, your money will be refunded or you can choose another available cabin”, a renewed enthusiasm in authentic “luxury” has been set.

    This is worth getting excited about for visitors and cabin owners alike in that it leads to customer satisfaction, repeat business and the highly coveted “referral”.

    A visit to thecabinkeeper.com site is well worth your time. Be forewarned… Cabin Inventory and Availability are almost always low. Instead of showing hundered of cabins in inventory the website only shows cabins that are unrented at the time you visit, which means if you don’t see something on the website, a call to the toll free number is in order as they will search their data base for you.

    I hope this helps those folks out there that who are interested in the Great Smoky Mountain area.

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