Artisinal cheese maker goes underground in Hartsville

Perhaps the most elaborate underground marijuana-growing facility–make that the former weed-growing facility in Tennessee–has been auctioned to Roth Käse USA LTD, an artisinal cheesemaker based in Wisconsin.

As detailed in the Nashville Tennessean, the company bought seven acres of land near Hartsville. The real prize, however, was an “improved cave” some 90 feet down containing rooms as long as a football field. While this hall of the marijuana king didn’t exactly work out for him, it should prove ideal to age the kinds of cheeses made by Roth Käse.


No word yet from the company on how the facility will be used or if there will be a retail operation topside, but this is wonderful news for Tennessee food fanciers. Hand-crafted cheeses, like the so-called “peasant bread,” have captured the palates of a growing number of Americans.

From the company website: “Roth Käse’s expertise in making exquisite, consistent specialty cheeses captured four awards at the 23rd annual American Cheese Society Competition, held July 21st in Portland, Ore.

The Roth Käse winners are:

Award Roth Käse Winner Category

1st Place GranQueso Hispanic and Portuguese Style Cheeses

2nd Place MezzaLuna Fontina Italian Type Cheeses

2nd Place St. Otho’s Low Fat/Low Salt Cheeses

3rd Place Raclette American Made/International Style

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