Bottle museum collection is liquidated

The Tennessean has a great piece today about the end of the famous Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising. This was the institution just outside of Nashville that contained hundreds of thousands of pop bottles and beer cans. Remember Billy Beer, from President Jimmy Carter’s ne’er-do-well brother? It was there.


As fascinating as its collection was, the museum could never collect enough visitors to make it, so the owners are donating almost all of their collection to Goodwill Industries stores in the Nashville area. The president of Goodwill is quoted as saying “By the first week of January 2008, the donated items will be on display in our stores. We will ship an initial quantity, in bulk, to each store, and the store personnel will make a judgment as to what items can best be sold in the store and which will be auctioned on Items should be on display for auction (on the Web site) also during the first week of January,” he said.

It’s hard to imagine any rogue relatives of the current crop of presidential candidates putting their name on a malt beverage. If Mitt Romney had a goofball brother, however, this would probably be his choice:



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