StoryCorps in Nashville

Today’s Nashville Scene tells the tale of StoryCorps, a project that encourages everyday folks to interview each other, with the resulting conversations being recorded for the Library of Congress.

The better tales are played on National Public Radio stations. StoryCorps has a couple of Airstream trailers that move around the country, and booths in three long-term locations: New York, Milwaukee, and Nashville. The latter is in the downtown Public Library on Church Street, and will be there until September of 2008.

The Nashville Scene’s Maria Brown writes an account of interviewing her mother for StoryCorps, and of the experience says the following:


“It may be micromanaged and a little heavy on the happy talk, but on an individual level, at least, the StoryCorps experience does exactly what it claims to do. I think my mother walked out of there feeling more validated than she ever has in her life. And I felt closer to her. I suspect, in fact, that it’s the regimentation that makes the magic work. The forced concentration, the time limit and the absence of distractions all combine to create an intensity that could never happen in a kitchen table conversation. For our allotted 40 minutes, my mother and I were more completely present for each other than we have been since I was an infant.”

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