Bristol offers downloadable audio for walking tour

Bristol, Tennessee and Virgina is a compact, very walkable place, and now the Bristol Convention & Visitors Bureau offers a downloadable PDF map and accompanying MP3s to guide visitors through the site of the “Big Bang of Country Music.” Go to the site and look for the “Historic Downtown Walking Tour” link.


It was here, on State Street, that Ralph Peer used the technology of 1927 to record the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers and launched the world of country music. Bristol is now using the technology of our time to provide visitors a great way to tour the town without having to find a brochure or look for a visitor’s center.

This is the sort of thing that the state tourism folks could do for other towns–create the web template for a map and MP3s and give it to towns and counties for their own tours. Even if you are thousands of miles from Bristol, it’s interesting to listen to the tour and follow your way along the map.

My only suggestion is to include local eateries on there, and–given that the information comes from the Web–list any downtown wifi places as well.

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