Dixie Barbeque serves up interesting politics

Here’s a barbecue place in north Johnson City that has Confederate flags outside and in, photos of Confederate generals and soldiers, and a framed membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Quick–what presidential candidate is the owner supporting?

If you guessed John McCain, you’d be wrong.


Alan Howell, left, with Tennessee Guy

Alan Howell, owner of Dixie Barbecue Company, Inc. is backing Barack Obama, and he makes no bones, so to speak, about why. “Our generation has just about fouled up everything,” he commented, “And that especially holds true for the guy in the White House. It’s time to turn things over to a new generation.”

Howell’s joint is a delight. A television set constantly plays re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show, and customers can order dry rub ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and beef. Howell has the first sugar-free barbecue sauce for diabetics that I have ever seen. You can find it at 3301 North Roan Street in Johnson City, which is the old highway to Kingsport.


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One Response to Dixie Barbeque serves up interesting politics

  1. Kevin Rhodes says:

    I am a democrat, a gun owner, and a Christian. Now that is a logical contradiction if i ever saw one!

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