The end of the line for ‘No Depression’

I once pulled out a copy of No Depression on a plane and the person sitting beside me confided that he was dealing with depression, too. If he continued to look over my shoulder, he would have seen that No Depression was one of the best music publications in the country. The final issue of No Depression hit my mailbox yesterday, and now I am depressed.

The final cover shows what made this magazine special. While Alison Krauss and Robert Plant are touring the country–they played Knoxville last night–most newspapers and magazines are gushing over the unlikely musical marriage of the bluegrass soprano and the Led Zeppelin wailer. They ignore the amazing singer and guitar-player Buddy Miller, who labors in the band that backs up Krauss and Plant. (To his credit, the Knoxville News Sentinel reviewer, Wayne Bledsoe, acknowledged Miller.)

ND, on the other hand, named Miller their Artist of the Decade. And proves their point with a long piece on Buddy and his music.

ND had a good run–longer than many other music publications. Kyla Fairchild, Peter Blackstock, and Grant Alden put out 75 wonderful issues, a nice number on which to end. They hope to continue with their website, but it won’t be the same. You can’t really carry a website on a plane, fold it and stick in the back pocket of a pair or jeans, or hand it to someone else saying “you have got to read this!”

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