Mini-menus great for visitors

Ever come to a new town and want to find a restaurant? If you go to a hotel, you sometimes get a notebook with menus in “Do not remove from room” notebooks or an unwieldy stack of laminated menus and take-out sheets at the front desk–not much help at all. While spending the weekend in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, TennesseeWife and I ran across a great idea called “Mountain Menus.” We saw them in the Amtrak Station in this display:

These menus are about the size of a business card and look like this on the front:

And this on the back:

All of them have this simple map, so you can quickly decide which eatery is close enough to walk or drive. The menus are small enough to put in your pocket. When you open them up, they look like this:

With the menu on the other side, as such:

The company behind these innovative menus is Mountain Menus of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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One Response to Mini-menus great for visitors

  1. ken lewis says:

    Plan on producing mini brochure menu dispenser for hotels have 30 lined up in the Boston area.

    Do you wholesale where I can retail to restaurants?
    Do you have samples?
    Lewis Marketing Group
    5822 nw dana circle
    port st. lucie, fl 34986

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