Ever think about moving back to Tennessee?

May 25, 2008

Come on, confess. If you are an expatriate Tennessean–particularly if you are an empty nester baby boomer–every now and then you think about moving back home. You come back to Tennessee, look at the price of a house or a piece of land in the county, and do those could-I-make-the-switch mental calculations in your head. You may have aging parents who need help, and you decide it would be easier for you to go there than to rip them from the place they’ve known all their lives to spend their final years with strangers.

Thomas Wolfe, famous for “You can’t go home again”

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Sounding smart or smarting from the way you sound

May 20, 2008

Here, via BoingBoing, is a fascinating video of a woman named Amy Walker introducing herself using a wide variety of accents. While most come from the British isles, two–found at 1:34 and 2:05, respectively, are American Southern accents.

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Memphis among worst cities for bicycling

May 16, 2008

Bicycling magazine has listed Memphis as one of the three worst cities in the country for bicycling. The other two are Miami and Dallas. According to a piece in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis has no bike lanes because the city has antiquated storm grates that can catch a bike wheel and cause the rider to wreck.

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Bush Brother’s Beans 100 years old

May 13, 2008

Barbecue is one of the signature foods of Tennessee, and the side dish most likely to be served with ribs or pulled pork is beans. The Bush family–no, not those Bushes–of East Tennessee have been serving canned beans for 100 years. Here are some cans from the 1920s.

Bush Brothers has its corporate office in Knoxville and factories in Augusta, Wisconsin and Chestnut Hill, Tennessee. The latter is in Jefferson County just east of Newport. This article in the Mountain Press states that the Tennessee plant ships 25 million cases of canned beans and other vegies every year.

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Rogersville’s Nostalgia Village

May 13, 2008

It takes a couple to raise a village.

Otis and Kathy Eldridge, who live outside of Rogersville, have spent several years assembling “Memory Lane,” a collection of buildings that represent an homage to the 1950s and 60s. Beginning with a country store, they have erected a Studebaker Diner, a Texaco station, a body shop, bowling alley, and much more.

Photo by Tom Raymond

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Packing while backpacking: guns on the trail?

May 5, 2008

The Bush administration and the National Rifle Association are backing a proposal to bring gun laws in national parks and wildlife refuges into synch with state laws regarding firearms. In other words, states, not the federal government, should decide whether people can carry guns in all parks–state or federal.

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Extend the Appalachian Trail to Alabama?

May 4, 2008

Today comes word that tourism boosters in Alabama want to extend the Appalachian Trail (AT) into that state. Seems there is a Pinhoti Trail that runs northeast from an area near Birmingham and ends, conveniently enough, near the southern terminus of the AT. The fact that the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce is pushing this bad idea is enough to tell you the motivations.

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