Extend the Appalachian Trail to Alabama?

Today comes word that tourism boosters in Alabama want to extend the Appalachian Trail (AT) into that state. Seems there is a Pinhoti Trail that runs northeast from an area near Birmingham and ends, conveniently enough, near the southern terminus of the AT. The fact that the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce is pushing this bad idea is enough to tell you the motivations.

According to the AP article, “The chamber is trying to build buzz among hikers that the Appalachian Trail’s eventual expansion to Alabama is inevitable.

“The plan could involve giving cash incentives to hikers who start the Appalachian Trail in Alabama — what Cosby (of the Chamber) said is the ‘true’ entirety of the trail. Then after five or 10 years, Cosby said Alabama lawmakers could start lobbying for the change in earnest.”

What a joke. The Pinhoti Trail should stand on its own. (And get rid of that annoying music on its website.) If the touts at the Chamber of Commerce think that bringing the AT to their area will somehow stimulate tourism, they should spend some time along the Trail and check out the people who hike it. Not exactly the people who spend a lot of money at places such as Applebees. The happy chap below has the trail name of “Troll”.

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One Response to Extend the Appalachian Trail to Alabama?

  1. TravelCool says:

    Birmingham certainly needs something to encourage tourism; the city is becoming a ghost town.

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