Thunder Road at 50

Thunder Road, the 1950s movie and a hit recording, is 50 years old this week. The black and white film cast Hollywood bad ass Robert Mitchum as the “mountain boy” who out-drove and out-fought the law.

Jack Neely of Metro Pulse had a great article on the movie, and today the News Sentinel weighs in as well.

I’ve had a few experiences with moonshine. When I was a little boy living on the Johnson City Highway, the police pulled over a truck with a load of corn and found moonshine buried in the back. My father an uncle bought a farm on which we found the remnants of a still, and one of their employees confessed to making ‘shine when he was young. He said that someone kept stealing his mash just when he was about to distill it, so he put a couple of dead rats in there to convince them not to do that any more. He laughed and said the rats might have improved the taste.

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  1. bestsport says:

    Thank you. I’m a fan of Thunder Road and made a blog of this movie here :

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