Daily Yonder features Knoxville’s WDVX

In an outstanding piece, the Daily Yonder website takes a look at WDVX, the East Tennessee radio station that began its life in a camper and now has its studios in the Knoxville welcome center on Gay Street. The station not only plays wonderful roots music, but holds free, noontime concerts every weekday featuring local bands and big-time country music folk who are passing through. I saw Del McCoury one day there, and the place was packed. Marty Stuart has played there as well.

WDVX streams its broadcasts on the Internet. While I’ve listened to the station several times, I’ve always had to do so while sitting at my computer. I can’t work and listed to music with lyrics, so this has limited my intake of their good music. Tivoli Audio makes wonderful table radios–I have two of them–and the company has just come out with the best radio I’ve seen for listening to Internet radio stations. The Tivoli Networks radio works off your home wireless network, and the good news is that the radio can receive FM, any Internet radio station, and play every song you have on your home computer. The bad news is that it costs $600–$100 more for an auxiliary speaker that enables stereo.

That’s a lot of money for a radio, but mighty tempting. I can imagine standing in the kitchen, frying chicken, and hearing WDVX as clearly as if I were down on Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville.

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