Arrowmont: Escape from Gatlinburg

The days of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg are numbered. The School appears to have a lease through 2011 on land owned by Pi Beta Phi, but the sorority/fraternity seems hellbent on selling the last remaining large chunk of land in the Tennessee equivalent of Myrtle Beach.

Let’s get real. Pi Beta Phi is an organization that does good works, and they can do a heck of a lot more good deeds by converting the Gatlinburg property to cash. One could argue that they would be irresponsible not to make the most of their assets.

What Pi Beta Phi doesn’t want is a bad name. Various members and alums are getting as hot as a pottery kiln over this Arrowmont ouster, and to get everyone settled down, Pi Phi leaders need to follow the advice of Don Corleone, the leader of another sort of fraternity, and make Arrowmont an offer the school can’t refuse.

Pi Phi is going to make a killing with this land deal, so they need to use some of their proceeds to do the following:

  • Honor the Arrowmont lease that extends until 2011, yet
  • Cover the costs Arrowmont will incur in finding a new home–ideally ASAP, and
  • Pay the costs of Arrowmont’s move, including new construction and renovations, then
  • Contribute endowment funds to strengthen the School for years to come

If Pi Beta Phi does the right thing for Arrowmont, they will placate their members, continue the strong relationship the fraternity has with this wonderful School, and will have millions of dollars from the Gatlinburg property sale to use for good works.

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