Kingsport Press

This educational film, which I first saw on Boing Boing, depicts book printing in 1947, and reminded me of the Kingsport Press, where four of my uncles worked. “The Press,” as we called it, printed all manner of books, from novels to Bibles. One of the bigger contracts was for the World Book encyclopedia, a complex printing job with color photos and see-through clear plastic pages depicting the human body.

The Press became infamous for having one of the longer labor strikes in American history. It lasted from March of 1963 until April of 1967. I had uncles in management and in the union, but to their great credit, they never let the dispute break up the family. The Press was aquired by a larger firm and eventually closed.

One Response to Kingsport Press

  1. Karen says:

    The Kingport Press strike was stressful time for those connected with the press. My dad was in management and there were many nights when he and his brothers stayed up with guns ready to protect our home. This was after shots were fired into our home one night. Local law enforcement did nothing to protect us. My mother went back to work in order to help keep the press running. My Grandmother came to watch after us and always carried a gun in her purse for protection. There was a book written about the strike.

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