Pat Boone, Tennessean

Interesting piece piece in the Tennessean about Pat Boone, who lived in Nashville from age two through his college years at David Lipscomb.

Funniest quote: “Believe it or not, when I began, there was no such thing as rock ‘n’ roll,” said Boone, who counts Elvis Presley among his opening acts. “I’ve called myself one of the midwives at the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.”

He’s been called a lot of other things as well.

A singer of obvious talent, Boone was cursed throughout his life with an exquisite sense of mistiming. He missed the mystery train of rock n roll. Elvis eclipsed him. The British invasion left him on the battlefield. He fell back on a goody-goody image that endeared him to old people and religious folks, then–in a release sounding like something from the Onion–came out in 1997 with a CD of heavy metal covers.

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