Lay’s “Three Little Pigs” ride again

Here’s a new commercial containing segments of older ads from Lay’s Meats, a fixture on the East Tennessee food scene for 80 years. According to an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel, Lays was founded in 1921 and sold to various investors, who went bankrupt in 2001.  For kids growing up in the days of black and white television, Lay’s ads, with their singing three little pigs, were a ubiquitous presence.

The News Sentinel piece states that John Ward, the perennial sportscaster for the University of Tennessee Vols, wrote the three little pigs song while working for Lavidge & Associates, the Knoxville firm that create the ads.

The Lay family still sells meat at Lay’s Market,  622 E. Jackson Avenue in Knoxville.

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7 Responses to Lay’s “Three Little Pigs” ride again

  1. Byron says:

    My brother-in-law worked at the Lays packing plant back in the 80’s. He said if you took off your work clothes and didn’t immediately stick them in the wash, maggots would be in them the next day. It was a pretty gross place to work.

  2. Tweeter says:

    I would like to know the entire original Three Little Pigs lyrics for Lays meats.

  3. tennesseeguy says:

    I don’t remember the exact lyrics, but I once did some work for Art Lavidge, the guy who produced the ads. He said that if that jingle had been a real single, it would have made it well up the charts, for he and Lays sent out tons of the promotional record to kids.

  4. Ressie Burleson says:

    would like to know where I can find the 3 little pigs stuffed animals

  5. Angi says:

    “Lay’s three little pigs sing merrily, we’re for Lay’s dum-diddly-dee, they’re the best meats at your grocery store. Moms, dads, the kids agree, Lay’s is great just try and see, then you’ll know what the pigs are merry for. Lay’s ham, sausage, bacon, weiners too. Bologna, luncheon meat…government inspected too! So help the pigs sing merrily, we’re for Lay’s dum-diddly-dee, Lay’s the best meat at your grocery store!”

    That’s the best I remember it! :o)

  6. Carlton Bain says:

    Hi! I grew up in Northern, Central Georgia – the next county was Tennessee to our north. My younger brother and I loved this song and even ordered the 45. …and guess what? … I still have it. I would be happy to send to you electronically. I’m Carlton Bain on Facebook. Send me a private message and I’ll get it to you. One side has the story of the three little pigs and the other, their Merry Song.
    Carlton Bain
    Athens, Georgia
    date posted 11/5/2013

  7. Rod Runner says:

    What about the Valleydale ad? As a kid, I can remember we used to rush to the TV to hear the Valleydale ad or the Lays ad. Pure gold!

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