Campaign to Protect Rural Tennessee?


Quick–where was this picture taken? Could be in East Tennessee or Middle Tennessee. No matter where it is, it’s a beautiful place, one that would be a joy to live near, commute alongside, or spend part of a vacation just driving past.

The photo was actually taken in the England, and it’s from the website of a remarkable group called The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

And it’s just the kind of organization we need for Tennessee.

This organization has a great vision. “CPRE wants a beautiful, tranquil and diverse countryside that everyone can value and enjoy; a working countryside that contributes to national well being by enriching our quality of life, as well as providing us with crucial natural resources, including food. We wish to see the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country. The countryside, including its villages and towns is ever changing, but we strive to ensure that change and development respect the character of England’s natural and built landscapes, enhancing the environment for the enjoyment and benefit of all.”

Substitute “Tennessee” for “England,” and I agree with everything in that paragraph.

Remarkably enough, the CPRE is headed by an American humorist. Bill Bryson, famous for best sellers such as A Walk In The Woods and The Life And Times of The Thunderbolt Kid, is the president of the organization.

Thanks to Daily Yonder, a wonderful site, for this story.

One Response to Campaign to Protect Rural Tennessee?

  1. Manda says:

    Amen I believe that people who want to protect rural area’s should come togeather. I have had a dream for a long time to take over my family farm which continues to shrink as the city builds around it. I love it its my own piece of heaven but because I was born female It will sadly probably never be mine unless all the men die first. Even by then they don’t care and may have sold it off to make a small meaningless fortune. I love the land and I love to farm. But sadly its all going to waste on small malls that don’t last and end in empty dead buildings that aren’t used after no one rents them for the small fortune that they are asking. But this is my dream and well if I ever get rich I may make it come true but sadly Im not and I doubt I will ever be.

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