Nashville City Cemetery

I ran across a blog with some great photos taken in the Nashville City Cemetery. Few people visit this place, which is across the street from Fort Negley. It was opened in 1822 and received many bodies from the Civil War.

Among the more interesting tales of a City Cemetery resident is that of Lt. Andrew Willis Gould, a hotheaded Confederate officer who was killed by General Nathan Bedford Forrest, an even hotter head. Seems that Gould felt that Forrest had questioned his courage, and during an ensuing argument Gould pulled out a pistol and shot Forrest in the hip. With one hand, Forrest grabbed Gould and forced him to point his pistol in the air. With the other hand, Forrest pulled out his pocket knife, opened it with his teeth, and stabbed Gould.

Gould fled, and Forrest was taken to a doctor’s office. On hearing that his wound could be fatal, Forrest, yelling “No damned man kills me and lives,” jumped off the examining table and charged out looking for Gould. It turned out that the young officer was the one who was mortally wounded. He died a few days later and was buried in Nashville. Forrest, despite his wounds, was back in the saddle within two weeks.

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