Hidden Biblical Secrets in Gatlinburg

Hepburn as Mary

Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Code can’t hold a bayberry candle to the symbology now present in Gatlinburg.

Christus Gardens, the longtime Biblical wax museum in this tasteful town, closed down, but has risen from the grave in the form of Christ in the Smokies Museum & Gardens, which offers the public a look at the birth, life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus in 11 scenes containing over 100 wax figures and open daily. The Museum and Garden, however, has a delightful secret: many of the figures now appearing in scenes from the life of Christ were once waxen versions of movie and television stars in the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Recycling is nothing new in wax world. Need to freshen up your museum? Buy someone else’s figures, change the clothes, get another wig, slap on a beard and bada-bing, you’re in business. Take a look at this photo of Mary from Christ in the Smokies.

Hepburn as Mary

Whom does that resemble?


Bingo! Katherine Hepburn. According to a highly placed source, the astute visitor to Christ in the Smokies can also detect Oprah in the Smokies, along with Kenny Rogers, Jane Fonda, Lee Majors, and many more. Jane Fonda, that devout soul, appears as one of the women in The Empty Tomb.

Here’s one more. Who is this happy Joseph?

Hepburn as MaryHere he is in real life:


Lee Majors!

Whose says there are no second acts in America?  Jesus Christ in the Smokies, indeed.

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