Fundamentalist hair: Lady Godiva gets religion

All over Tennessee you can spot ultra-religious women who believe that they should not cut their hair. This stems, so to speak, from First Corinthians 11:15, which says: “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.”

This stately dame is the most extreme example of fundamentalist hair I have ever seen. Here’s one more photo.

3 Responses to Fundamentalist hair: Lady Godiva gets religion

  1. steve bryant says:

    I’ve lived in TN all my life and have met one woman who never cut her hair – my great grandmother. If they’re plentiful they must all be in your area. As for the other stereotypes, here in Williamson County few talk about road food, slaughtering hogs or the “War Between the States”. Hey, we have real cities, orchestras, book stores for the “liberal minded” (lol), liquor stores and incredible cuisine in almost every category.

    Break out of the 1950’s, pal.

  2. Deanna says:

    We have several women in our church that have not cut their hair. They do not have as much as they white haired lady featured though.

  3. OC says:

    MY WIFE GREW HER HAIR OUT IN 1973 FROM WAIST LENGHT TO 1979 AT 9’3″. SAT HER DOWN IN THE KITCHEN IN June OF 1979 AND GAVE HER A SHORT PIXIE CUT 3″ LONG ON TOP 2″ SIDES AND 1″ NAPE. Saved a lot on shampoo and drying and stress related to up keep of long hair.

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