Tennessee Guy meets Travelgirl

April 15, 2007

The Conference on World Affairs just concluded here in Boulder. One of the participants was Stephanie Oswald, co-founder of Atlanta-based Travelgirl magazine, who held forth on various panels. She discussed how her magazine was launched right after 9/11, not exactly the most auspicious time to pour money into a travel venture, and has succeeded–subscriptions now total 300,000.

Oswald quoted a survey that claims that women make 75 percent of the decisions related to travel–where to go, where to stay, etc. Here is Travelgirl’s take on Memphis.


Paul Griffith joins TNguy.com

March 14, 2007

Paul Giffith, a drummer and writer in Nashville, has signed on with TNguy.com to cover nightlife in Nashville. Paul worked with me on the last edition of Moon Handbooks: Tennessee and did a good job with the Music City clubs in that book.

Here’s Paul’s description of himself: “Journeyman drummer, writer and misanthrope. Likes the ocean, books, watches, hi-fi’s, church buildings (as long as they’re empty), vintage drums, drum machines, The Meters, a good hamburger, barbeque, raw oysters, tamales, a full English breakfast, ale, proper egg foo young, Makers Mark, Sailor Jerry, step aerobics, martinis, bikinis and panty lines.”


For a look at one of his reviews, go here.